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Dare to Ask 

Dare to Ask……………………………………..?

Dear Mr. Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

I hope this would not be taken as personal or private but in favor of public.

I being a voter of PPP feel it guilty if I do not raise my voice for the criminal  negligence and bankruptcy by PPP local leaders or so called MPAs and MNAs of our constituencies who enjoy all save curse of people.

This is no wonder or surprise when a common PPP worker viz Jiyala  (as PPP has lot of uncommon workers as well whose only liking is uncommon liking for money ) sports Zardari-Smile and utters : (ملک زرداری کھا گیا)

means so what if we plunder too???

So it’s no more than a rhetoric :

“PPP’s Legacy”   “Party of Martyers” 

“Bhuttoism”  “Legendary Politicians”

But pragmatically PPP has been transformed into a party of plunderers,  looters and full time opportunists and big number of  flaterers.

Today we have left SMBB, ZAB far behind and our role model is “سب پے بھاری زرداری”  So Zardari is merely Rehtoricism, Plunderism and Give-N-Take- ism…..!!

What this Give and take – ism politics has given Sindh and what it  has taken from its people? ?

At least I have not seen any monumental work by PPP as party and government.

In last eight years except so calked give and take with MQM, chaos in karachi, broken gutters in Hyderabad, scarcity of water in Sukkur, dust in Larkana, booming business in Nawab Shah  (with exception) dacoity being everyday occurrence in upper Sindh and lastly celebrating 5000 old civilization of Indus valley, dust to dust ashes to ashes.

An employee in TMO office Mehar and resident of a surrounding village wailed and vociferated how the local PPP leaders from their constituencies has boomed their personal business here and there.

Yes, here and there.

Saying what were they ‘out of power’ once with only a single old pajero and now number of big vehicles of Millions rupees are at their disposal. Not to talk of their banglows, plots and other properties here except recently purchased flats and property  in Dubai then he utters again, “سب پے بھاری زرداری”

Evidencing his stand, he says :

I only plead to Mr. Chairman to take notice of People’s woes, inspect and investigate the past of PPP leaders what they were before eight years and what they have gained after same years.

Inspect and investigate :

What were the situation of streets, lanes, roads, water pipelines, sewerage and drainage system of towns of Mehar and K.N.Shah tallukkas eight years ago and what they display today? ??

If the situation of these towns and villages show you better changes, progress, prosperity and development during PPP reign then it should be shown to public through media to make them known what PPP has done for them.

But if the situation is contrary to above fact then MPAs and MNAs of these constituencies must be brought to justice unveling their accumulated wealth for utilization of public services of concerned areas.


​”British Prime Minister and Classic  Example of Asad Kharal”

Recently we saw the images of departed PM of Britain Mr. David Cameron leaving his office and loading and picking up his own belongings.

Such acts of kindness we see or get done by labourers in our societies at official levels. 

What this image sent a message to the masses here and there? It might not be a something new or exceptional in Western countries but in eastern it was just a wonder to see.

 This image was shared by thousands of people on social media sites with thousands of

 “likes” “Opinions” “Comments” “Viewes”

Comparing the rulers and politicians of 3rd World countries enjoying the life of 1st World countries using public money of their people. 

So the symbolic image conveyed that changes come from upper side, people follow their leaders and rulers, give their examples.

What we have to follow? 

The luxurious life of our rulers. The result is in form of Asad Kharal a clerk in public  dept of Sindh Govt. It is said Asad Kharal has made millions of rupees and personal properties following his leaders.

We have many Asad Kharal types in public departments of Sindh Government. 

Anyone who has come across the District Treasury departments can find where every clerk or officer is millionaire with luxury of all perks privileges extracted from people in order to get their job done regardless of legal or illegal justifications. 

#SindhGovernment #Corruption #PPP  #Ranjers #AsadKharals #Investigation

“Political Agents of People’s Party and deplorable condition of towns of Sindh”

​I think PPP still has power to change the form and shape of towns in Sindh. Being a largest party, roots in masses and with no opposition forces or parties PPP still lacks the morality, credibility and real support in Sindh. 

This is not just a cry but a fact and reality that the town bodies (Town committee/municipalities) who are responsible to run the local governments receive funds of Millions of rupees for their monthly budgets but show zero progress, development and change for better except recruiting fake sanitary workers against real sanitary workers. 

Among the top towns hit by massive  floods in 2010, Khair Pur Nathan Shah town faced the havoc of floods. It was so devastating that left the city many years back to 1942 when a flood of same magnitude hit the town what it bounced back in 2010.

Let’s not talk about the destruction, devastation and harms played by floods, as the inch by inch detail is documented in newspapers and electronic media of that time. 

Political Owners of the Town..?

Pakistan People’s Party with its Legharies, Butts, Junejas and Mahesars  and Jatoi  (opponents of PPP ) are the godfathers of this area. People have been choosing them almost in every new election and support them even there’s worse performance at all levels  (May be having no other option to it and love for Bhuttos, some jobs for workers are reasons of their perpetual support )

Infrastructure? ??

Let’s leave hundreds of issues aside. Take one example of main road linking Larkana to Karachi, the main source of transport linking many other towns and villages with this main road got 6 years to completion.(But still it is not completed) 

We will not talk here about the surrounding Villages and other towns’ terrible condition. 

But we will elect Mahesars, Junejas, Butts and Legharies in next election with largest processions and fanfare. 


Because they are godfathers and political agents of PPP.

​”Ramazan a chance for sinner like me”

The way one should observe the holy month of Ramazan I hardly go that way. But for some years I have been waiting for this blessed month like I wait for Friday these days. 

Friday being a big day for Muslims once in a week and Ramazan as blessed month once in a year. 

I try to follow the sacred month according it’s sanctity but truth is that I never succeed, being weak humanbeing I stumble upon and fall in pits and falls of sins, nevertheless I find Allah Subhan wa Tauala’s grace abundant and His mercy protect me and covers my misdeeds. 

The holy book Quran first time revealed in this month and in the night of Laylat al Qadr  (Night of decree or great value ).

Quran narrates the many events, stories and situations of earlier Prophets their nations their good deeds and wrath of Allah upon wrong doers and rewards for good people. 
So Ramazan is best month to read and recite Quran and it’s meaning with interpretation. 

This month give us opportunity to introspect our own actions, self reflection, and correct our behavior with our fellow beings, repentance, helping others and how to find grace of Allah and how to attain love of Almighty. 

I pray to Allah may He grant me strength to keep all fasts of this holy month and may I sweep bits of His blessings and many rewards  to my hem and house. 


​اسان جو مھمان مھينو

سال جا 11 مھينا ڄڻ حالت نزع جا مھينا ھوندا آھن. رمضان شريف جو ڀلارو مھينو ان ذھني، فڪري، روحاني ۽ جسماني نزع کان ڇوٽڪاري جو مھينو آھي.

واقعي ھي مھينو مھمان مھينو آھي. ھڪ اھڙو مھينو جنھن جي اچڻ جو انتظار، ان جو رھڻ راحت ۽ دلي سڪون ۽ وڃڻ اداسي ۽ سڄي سال جو اوسيئڙو.

جيڪي به ھن مھيني جي دل وٽان خدمت ڪن ٿا اھي رب سائين جون کوڙ ساريون برڪتون، رحمتون ۽ نعمتون وري سڄو سال ميڙين ٿا.
اعتڪاف يا ڏھاڪي جا ڏينھن ته اھڙا آھن جيڪي به ان ۾ ويھن، ڏھن ڏينھن کان پوء ڄڻ آخرت جو آسڪر ايوارڊ کٽي نڪرن.

رمضان جا 30 ڏينھن تسبيح جي داڻن وانگر ڦرندا، سرندا جلدي ختم ٿي وڃن ٿا. اسان جي دل جي حضور سان الله سائينء کان دعا آھي ته شل ھن مھمان مھيني جون سڀ برڪتون اسان سڀني کي ايندڙ سال تائين نصيب فرمائي ۽ بخشش و درگذر جو اھڙو مقام عطا فرمائي جيڪو خود رب سائين کي پسند آھي.


Tarawih and our molvis of mosques”

I don’t know whether it is correct or incorrect that only Sunni sects perform Tarawih in the month of Ramazan. Rest other sects don’t offer Tarawih. 

In 20 raka’at of Tarawih verses of Quran are recited and this practice continues  whole month of Ramazan.

After many years I have found myself attending Tarawih prayers. Unfortunately we have not changed yet. We have taken our prayers and worships and Religious practices just as formality to show that we too pray and practice our religion. 

It’s a big question what our seminaries are doing what kind of knowledge they are imparting to our students that even our Hufaaz Karam don’t know how to recite the verses of Quran and how to lead the congregational prayer in our mosques. 

The aim of every prayer is to get closeness with your lord and his blessings but do we have adopted that way ???

Quran says read me slowly and there we are, who recite its verses at speedy pace without any pause or ponder, which neither leave spiritual impact on our hearts and minds nor we attain such high reward from Almighty. 

The situation of our offering prayers is so sad that one can’t utter or recite the words of praise one has to read in ruku, tashahud or suju’d properly and completely when you pray behind an Imam.

This does not only affect the essence of congregational prayer but this raises serious question about the standing of an Imam who leads your prayers of times and is responsible for all ritual activities at mosques and out of mosques. 

This tells why our Sufis and faqeer separate their ways with clergy. And pray in their self made cells or convents and attain the grace and love of Allah and attract thousands of people to their abodes without any prayer call or announcement of events.

 A good example of Hazrat Umar Ibn Abd al-aziz from history 

Hazrat Umar Ibn Abd al-aziz accepted the Christian, Jews and zoroastrian converts to Islam and abolished the tax on them.

His financial officials never liked this act of kindness and started  complaining about the recession of recourses of government exchequer.

Hearing this He said to them, 

” I swear to Allah! I am glad to see all accepting Islam, because now you and I have to earn or have to plough the land with our own hands for our bread and butter “

​Pakistan as a State….!!

Say state is might, ok? It’s correct but not all of the states in the world are might. 

Pakistani state has been might, it has all kinds of forces, they are powerful, disciplined, strong and integrated within.

Butt what we experienced in last 15 years, very appalling state of state of Pakistani state.

The state buried it’s 50000 citizens killed by non state actors or say it terrorists. (Once they were state friends in arms)

No hand been able to catch their heads, might be of different reasons and policy matters (most of our policies are made and run by establishment ).

If there had been one country which caused disability for Pakistan in last 15 years it it has been Afghanistan not India.

9/11 shook the whole world and following years saw bulging defence budgets, intrusion of foreign spies, takeover of Afghanistan and then vicious cycle of events. 

Mass killings everywhere, 21st century saw the mounds of human bones and skulls by oppressors and oppressed….!

The Paradox of mass murderer Omar Mateen of Orlando shooting

The Paradox of Omar Mateen is very complex and need through probe for his heinous crime. A son of wealthy father with links to state department.
Omar Mateen was working for a security agency and he was closest homosexual and regular at pulse gay club. He was ethnically Afghan Muslim and born American citizen. 

What motivated him to kill 50 people suddenly?

Religion? ?

Answer seems no. Reports are that he was not a religious or staunch believer. He just announced in last hours his allegiance to ISIS (A self proclaimed caliphate using name of Islam ) but so far no any evidence has been found to his claim. Mateen was homosexual and wine drinker and living luxury life, all this suggests that he was namely Muslim. 

So why blame Islam? 

There have been many mass killing incidents and most of them done by Christians but no attack on Christianity in media and at public level ???

Mentally ill

He wife told media he was mentally unstable but she never knew about his gay tendencies, seems she knew about him lot but avoided to let it know ???

She admitted he was fussy sometimes at home, may be he was fussy at office level or in his social life ???

So we can notice that he was frustrate and desperate and isolated and may this mental condition led him to this heinous crime? ?

So all these possible things must be probed and investigated till major factor be known to this brutality and many other cases of mass killing in USA. 

Doing this will save many human lives in future.

مسجد و منبر

ایسا کیوں ہے کہ ہماری باطنی و روحانی زندگی ختم ہوکر ہی رہ گئی ہے۔ ہم روز مساجدوں میں جاتے ہیں نماز پڑھ کر باہر نکلتے ہیں پر وہی کے وہی رہتے ہیں۔ نماز سے حاصل تو کیا ہم صحیح طرح نماز پڑھ بھی نہیں پاتے چاہے ہم عمرعزیز کے کسی بھی حصے میں ہو۔ یہی وجہ تھی کہ خلیفتہ المسلمین حضرت عمر(رضہ) لوگوں کو چابک مارتے تھے جو نمازوں میں غفلت برتتے تھے اورفرماتے تھے کہ لوگوں کو داڑھی میں سفید بال تک آگئے پر افسوس ان کو نماز پڑھنا اب بھی نہیں آئی۔ اور یہی حال اب بھی ہے اس کی جھلک ہمیں اپنی عبادت گاہوں میں اب بھی نظر آتی ہے۔ اپنے تن پر ہم نے خوبصورت کپڑا تو اوڑھ لیا پر من خوبصورت نہ بن سکا۔ سوچنے کا مقام ہے ہر اذان کی آواز تو تین چار میلوں تک سنائی دیتی ہے (جو کہ ایک آدھ میل تک ہونی چاہیے)  پر یہی آواز دل میں نہیں اترتی؛ روح کو کیوں نہیں گرماتی؛ اس کی پکار کو ہم لبیک کیوں نہیں کہتے۔ کاش ہم سب اس بات پر غور کر پائیں خاص طور پر وہ لوگ جو مسجد و منبر پر فائز ہیں۔  جن لوگوں ہماری عبادت گاہوں کا نظم و نسق اپنے ہاتھوں میں لیا ہے۔ آئیں بطور ایک فرد اور جماعت ہم اپنے نفسوں پر قابو پالیں نہ کہ مسجد و منبر پر قابض ہوکر بیٹھ جائیں۔