​Pakistan as a State….!!

Say state is might, ok? It’s correct but not all of the states in the world are might. 

Pakistani state has been might, it has all kinds of forces, they are powerful, disciplined, strong and integrated within.

Butt what we experienced in last 15 years, very appalling state of state of Pakistani state.

The state buried it’s 50000 citizens killed by non state actors or say it terrorists. (Once they were state friends in arms)

No hand been able to catch their heads, might be of different reasons and policy matters (most of our policies are made and run by establishment ).

If there had been one country which caused disability for Pakistan in last 15 years it it has been Afghanistan not India.

9/11 shook the whole world and following years saw bulging defence budgets, intrusion of foreign spies, takeover of Afghanistan and then vicious cycle of events. 

Mass killings everywhere, 21st century saw the mounds of human bones and skulls by oppressors and oppressed….!

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