​”Ramazan a chance for sinner like me”

The way one should observe the holy month of Ramazan I hardly go that way. But for some years I have been waiting for this blessed month like I wait for Friday these days. 

Friday being a big day for Muslims once in a week and Ramazan as blessed month once in a year. 

I try to follow the sacred month according it’s sanctity but truth is that I never succeed, being weak humanbeing I stumble upon and fall in pits and falls of sins, nevertheless I find Allah Subhan wa Tauala’s grace abundant and His mercy protect me and covers my misdeeds. 

The holy book Quran first time revealed in this month and in the night of Laylat al Qadr  (Night of decree or great value ).

Quran narrates the many events, stories and situations of earlier Prophets their nations their good deeds and wrath of Allah upon wrong doers and rewards for good people. 
So Ramazan is best month to read and recite Quran and it’s meaning with interpretation. 

This month give us opportunity to introspect our own actions, self reflection, and correct our behavior with our fellow beings, repentance, helping others and how to find grace of Allah and how to attain love of Almighty. 

I pray to Allah may He grant me strength to keep all fasts of this holy month and may I sweep bits of His blessings and many rewards  to my hem and house. 


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