​So Britain brexited finally? ?

Though this Brexit nightmare would be forgotten soon and people will begin the life as usual as we live life after every new eve.
What good and positive thing about this Brexit was that a politician fulfilled his promise according it’s party’s manifesto that’s why western democracies endure the many crisis. 

No doubt there will be some effects felt further but I wonder this   country was not full member of EU in a sense that it used it’s own currency ‘POUND’ and was exempted from Schengen visas. 

One who lead leave campaign was a charismatic former mayor Boris Johnson  (Whose former richest Italian wife married to a Pakistani man) and at last he succeeded.

One major element of leaving EU was matter of immigration, particularly Britishers were dreading of swarms of Muslim migrants so phobia and nationalism is play key role everywhere. 

Anyway let’s see what comes next ??

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