​”The killing spree”

We have to accept that for years we have been facing the intellectual attacks by powerful western media as well as physical attacks on Muslim world by western powers.

As Muslims have lost their past glory of power and prosperity, so only reaction they show has been trivial, reactionary and based on emotionalism of every kind.
So they think only weapon to strike back this phenomenon is extremism. Therefore the war is between western powers (not Christian ) and Muslim religious groups, their ideology, rest Muslim rulers and governments are by and large friends of western powers, allies and PUPPETS. 
Unfortunately or fortunately the common people of Muslim world are outrageous and have become extremely reactionary and playing in the hands of various sects of religious schools of thoughts.
So let’s see this desperation other way round. Seemingly this desperation or extremism is painted as religious but it’s about more the way of life our ruler are living at one edge and people are at other extreme edge of plight. 
There we have a life of rulers, leaders and politicians and Religious pundits, a life with best of perks and privileges. A life of power, authority over majority since centuries. A full luxurious life with all assortments. 
And there we have life of common men. Almost life contrary to the life of leaders, rulers and elites. Deprived of all perks and privileges even the basic needs of life, a life of misery and cry. This poor and class above poor have no qualitative  education, no health insurance or medical entitlement which cover their costly medical bills, no easy loans, no proper employment, no sufficient subsides to meet their basic needs. And above all no participation or place in the corridors of government and state affairs. 
This equation is so worse and imbalanced that a prince of kingdom or gulf region is more wealthy individually than what we have total budget of another Muslim country.
So by this clear contrast and non sensical thinking preaching and propagating by Religious clerics that all Muslims are one Ummah is neither laughable nor regrettable. And the plight of the ruled and pleasure of rulers until unless balanced to a sizeable level, we would keep on killing non Muslims, Muslims and getting killed .

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