Frankenstein’s monster of USA, KSA and Pakistan”

This is not new that we are divided and polarised and the 7.125 billion (2013) people on this planet individually and collectively have had their own ‘form and content’ of matters. 

We are divided into faiths, cultures and  ideologies. And among all faiths Islam is the only faith which is admired, liked, loved, abhorred, attacked and criticised internally, externally, intently and irrationally. So,
“Many mouths many talk”
World’s sixth-most-populous country, Pakistan is officially an Islamic sovereign land connecting four provinces politically, socially and religiously with very complex and perplexed doctrine. 
The four provinced country has also other communities who keep on demanding their own share from time to time. 
Those communities are flanked by Sindh  (Mohajir /Urdu speaking community, mainly this demand is by one ethnic and political party)
Punjab  (the demand of Siraeki province  is old and respected by many major political parties )
KPK  (recently a demand for Hazara province is much politically motivated )
If we go on to draw the faith line into colors in today’s Pakistan the red color is dominant on the map of Punjab, KPK and Balochistan.  
The province Sindh is populated by all communities and during last 2 decades the substantial number of religious seminaries have grown to such alarming level but yet it’s map is dominated by white color.
So the major bulk which formed the state of Frankenstein’s monster was drained from the red line areas of Pakistan with generous  showers of  petro-dollars and the special religious syllabus made and prepared by big boss and distributed among the swarms of madresshas with noble cause to push back Russian armies. 
One must not worry about the violent and volatile “remains” of today’s Pakistan, we fought the holy war, we pushed back the infidels, we were paid by our masters and we have to face this Frankenstein’s monster. …!!!

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