Kinda……… Taslima Nasrin and Salman Rushdie

I have no knowledge whether there has been an adequate and proper answer to the books or works of Salman Rushdie and kinda Taslima Nasrin by our Muslim scholars or not? ?
If Muslim scholars didn’t strike back to the works of Salman Rushdie or his kinda, this shows the lack of knowledge and understanding on their part or they didn’t bother to reply such malicious content? ??
But in both of the cases this show and convey the negligence and uninterestedness….!!
We wonder if the books of SalmanRushdie or Taslima Nasrin were filthy and malicious then why they have been given importance and went violent, uselessly brought people to the streets and created havoc which left Muslim world to destruction and silly mischief caused joy to the haters and detractors and served their aim.
And this hysteria is still prevalent among Muslim masses everywhere. 
It’s very unfortunate and strange rather producing scholarly discourses on various issues faced by ourselves not the world we keep on amplifying the million voices which neither can be understood by detractors of Islam nor it will benefit us.

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