Tarawih and our molvis of mosques”

I don’t know whether it is correct or incorrect that only Sunni sects perform Tarawih in the month of Ramazan. Rest other sects don’t offer Tarawih. 

In 20 raka’at of Tarawih verses of Quran are recited and this practice continues  whole month of Ramazan.

After many years I have found myself attending Tarawih prayers. Unfortunately we have not changed yet. We have taken our prayers and worships and Religious practices just as formality to show that we too pray and practice our religion. 

It’s a big question what our seminaries are doing what kind of knowledge they are imparting to our students that even our Hufaaz Karam don’t know how to recite the verses of Quran and how to lead the congregational prayer in our mosques. 

The aim of every prayer is to get closeness with your lord and his blessings but do we have adopted that way ???

Quran says read me slowly and there we are, who recite its verses at speedy pace without any pause or ponder, which neither leave spiritual impact on our hearts and minds nor we attain such high reward from Almighty. 

The situation of our offering prayers is so sad that one can’t utter or recite the words of praise one has to read in ruku, tashahud or suju’d properly and completely when you pray behind an Imam.

This does not only affect the essence of congregational prayer but this raises serious question about the standing of an Imam who leads your prayers of times and is responsible for all ritual activities at mosques and out of mosques. 

This tells why our Sufis and faqeer separate their ways with clergy. And pray in their self made cells or convents and attain the grace and love of Allah and attract thousands of people to their abodes without any prayer call or announcement of events.

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