The Paradox of mass murderer Omar Mateen of Orlando shooting

The Paradox of Omar Mateen is very complex and need through probe for his heinous crime. A son of wealthy father with links to state department.
Omar Mateen was working for a security agency and he was closest homosexual and regular at pulse gay club. He was ethnically Afghan Muslim and born American citizen. 

What motivated him to kill 50 people suddenly?

Religion? ?

Answer seems no. Reports are that he was not a religious or staunch believer. He just announced in last hours his allegiance to ISIS (A self proclaimed caliphate using name of Islam ) but so far no any evidence has been found to his claim. Mateen was homosexual and wine drinker and living luxury life, all this suggests that he was namely Muslim. 

So why blame Islam? 

There have been many mass killing incidents and most of them done by Christians but no attack on Christianity in media and at public level ???

Mentally ill

He wife told media he was mentally unstable but she never knew about his gay tendencies, seems she knew about him lot but avoided to let it know ???

She admitted he was fussy sometimes at home, may be he was fussy at office level or in his social life ???

So we can notice that he was frustrate and desperate and isolated and may this mental condition led him to this heinous crime? ?

So all these possible things must be probed and investigated till major factor be known to this brutality and many other cases of mass killing in USA. 

Doing this will save many human lives in future.

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