There is a narrow line between sanity and insanity

Pakistan has all classes, all sects, and sub sects of fanatics, extremists, sects of liberals and secularists. 
Everyone representing his her own sect’s thoughts, ideas and line of actions.
Of all only religious sects are dangerous to public, state and themselves. They use only weapons of bullets to counter their opponents. 
But this time in history of Pakistan the religious schools are in isolation, they don’t enjoy good brotherly relationship with establishment and their masters within state seemingly.
Nonetheless they have their voice in some media houses, this can be seen in case of Hamza Ali Abbasi’s recent comments about Ahemdiya minority. 
Hamza Ali Abbasi sometimes becomes near to rightists and sometimes close to leftists and liberals. As he is outspoken and speak his own mouth. 
This time Abbasi’s arguments have some logic that once we have declared a community as non-Muslims then why not treat them minority. 
And we all know the state of Pakistan is bound to safeguard minorities, their life, property and rights. 
And we all know the great champion of minorities rights is our own religion Islam. Even the caliph Omr’s period which often quoted by orientalist, “by and large good period for all minorities” and even in all caliphate governments minorities enjoy their rights without any fear and worry. 
But we have reaped thousands of dead bodies since the start of 90 to 2015. All this we did on name of Islam whom we call the religion of peace and safety. 
ذرا سوچیے

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