​”British Prime Minister and Classic  Example of Asad Kharal”

Recently we saw the images of departed PM of Britain Mr. David Cameron leaving his office and loading and picking up his own belongings.

Such acts of kindness we see or get done by labourers in our societies at official levels. 

What this image sent a message to the masses here and there? It might not be a something new or exceptional in Western countries but in eastern it was just a wonder to see.

 This image was shared by thousands of people on social media sites with thousands of

 “likes” “Opinions” “Comments” “Viewes”

Comparing the rulers and politicians of 3rd World countries enjoying the life of 1st World countries using public money of their people. 

So the symbolic image conveyed that changes come from upper side, people follow their leaders and rulers, give their examples.

What we have to follow? 

The luxurious life of our rulers. The result is in form of Asad Kharal a clerk in public  dept of Sindh Govt. It is said Asad Kharal has made millions of rupees and personal properties following his leaders.

We have many Asad Kharal types in public departments of Sindh Government. 

Anyone who has come across the District Treasury departments can find where every clerk or officer is millionaire with luxury of all perks privileges extracted from people in order to get their job done regardless of legal or illegal justifications. 

#SindhGovernment #Corruption #PPP  #Ranjers #AsadKharals #Investigation

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