Dare to Ask 

Dare to Ask……………………………………..?

Dear Mr. Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

I hope this would not be taken as personal or private but in favor of public.

I being a voter of PPP feel it guilty if I do not raise my voice for the criminal  negligence and bankruptcy by PPP local leaders or so called MPAs and MNAs of our constituencies who enjoy all save curse of people.

This is no wonder or surprise when a common PPP worker viz Jiyala  (as PPP has lot of uncommon workers as well whose only liking is uncommon liking for money ) sports Zardari-Smile and utters : (ملک زرداری کھا گیا)

means so what if we plunder too???

So it’s no more than a rhetoric :

“PPP’s Legacy”   “Party of Martyers” 

“Bhuttoism”  “Legendary Politicians”

But pragmatically PPP has been transformed into a party of plunderers,  looters and full time opportunists and big number of  flaterers.

Today we have left SMBB, ZAB far behind and our role model is “سب پے بھاری زرداری”  So Zardari is merely Rehtoricism, Plunderism and Give-N-Take- ism…..!!

What this Give and take – ism politics has given Sindh and what it  has taken from its people? ?

At least I have not seen any monumental work by PPP as party and government.

In last eight years except so calked give and take with MQM, chaos in karachi, broken gutters in Hyderabad, scarcity of water in Sukkur, dust in Larkana, booming business in Nawab Shah  (with exception) dacoity being everyday occurrence in upper Sindh and lastly celebrating 5000 old civilization of Indus valley, dust to dust ashes to ashes.

An employee in TMO office Mehar and resident of a surrounding village wailed and vociferated how the local PPP leaders from their constituencies has boomed their personal business here and there.

Yes, here and there.

Saying what were they ‘out of power’ once with only a single old pajero and now number of big vehicles of Millions rupees are at their disposal. Not to talk of their banglows, plots and other properties here except recently purchased flats and property  in Dubai then he utters again, “سب پے بھاری زرداری”

Evidencing his stand, he says :

I only plead to Mr. Chairman to take notice of People’s woes, inspect and investigate the past of PPP leaders what they were before eight years and what they have gained after same years.

Inspect and investigate :

What were the situation of streets, lanes, roads, water pipelines, sewerage and drainage system of towns of Mehar and K.N.Shah tallukkas eight years ago and what they display today? ??

If the situation of these towns and villages show you better changes, progress, prosperity and development during PPP reign then it should be shown to public through media to make them known what PPP has done for them.

But if the situation is contrary to above fact then MPAs and MNAs of these constituencies must be brought to justice unveling their accumulated wealth for utilization of public services of concerned areas.

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