​Not A Day To Celebrate. …??

Today when we look down at the map of Pakistan in past 69 years what we find just the spots of blood and bullets marks.

There is less to celebrate and rejoice but to think are we the same nation once we were at the time of independence !!

Today map of Pakistan is either red or black not the green or white, a deep cry and sadness linger on its face and features. 

A wounded and vulnerable surface of map of this land sings the songs of sorrow and sadness, assassinations and excessive killings, jails, imprisonment, hangings and humiliations.

Bullet riddled bodies of innocent people and deprivation of rights to indigenous people. …

Following the bombs, blasts and suicide explosions, non stop sectarian violence founded, funded and nurtured by Zia regime. 

Zia’s legacy of Islamisation sew such a breed of Frankensteins that today’s state of Pakistan seems tired to crop this Jihadist militancy and find no place to dump that old stinky garbage of Islamist militants. 

It would take years ahead when we would see from heaven people crawling around, creeping and walking using such rare words to one another :

What a peace on this land….!!

What a harmonious society..!!

What a tranquility of environment..! ?? ?

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