​”Trauma of Independence”

May be for later generations who were born after 1947, celebrating “Independence Day” on both sides of border is a day of joy and jubilation and that must be….!!

But what about those who wrote, “Train to Pakistan” “Toba Tek Singh” “The weary generations” not to mention many who suffered the wounds of partition and left describable and indescribable scars of those traumatic vulnerabilities in history, a bloody history. ..!?

The 14th and 15th August are still suffocating days for al those innocent and vulnerable souls who went through lot of suffering and experienced the atrocities of partition and became traumatised til their last breath.

What this Independence gave people of that time??

Bloody riots, massacres, homelessness, murders, rapes and shattered families, mass migration and refugee camps and haunting  nightmares.?

Millions of people who became strangers in their native land within a one night ???

Those poor souls suffered the long-lasting traumas of Independence which snatched their Independence 69 years ago….

Happy Independence Day…!!

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