“Refugees’ return”

An opinion by @omarwaraich in Sunday Dawn newspaper on plight of Afghan refugees their woes and atrocities done by Pakistani police on refugees is a truest to the facts story of current situation. 
I have been living in the vicinity near to afghan refugees and was part of research study on Afghans living in outskirts camps in Karachi the topmost and loudest cry they made along with many adversities of life was a harassment of Police, their cruel attitude and inhuman conduct towards afghans.

As an ex-employee of a hospital i know afghans were not treated on equal terms in Pakistani hospitals they were not entitled to patients welfare services because they do not have Pakistani ID. I know many cases personally, they were left to die miserable deaths.

Being here for almost 40 years, their one generation know nothing about Afghanistan, born here, raised here, grown here somehow educated here, they feel more Pakistani than afghani themselves. 

Pakistan being a signatory to international laws must abide the laws and protect the honor, respect and property of afghans on its land as it is obliged to comply with its promise.

Omar Waraich’s column is must read on Afghan refugees plight.

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