Love and Hate Story of MQM and Establishment

The term ‘Establishment’ is used for military and law enforcement agencies in Pakistan. Intellectuals, analysts, politicians and media men uses this term for Pakistan military or army but another word ‘boys’ is also in common use for army in Pakistani media.
The military establishment of Pakistan has always been a powerful and very disciplined institute throughout. The mighty establishment only experienced a powerful resistance during MRD movement led by PPP and pro-nationalists groups against General Zia-ul-haq.

Some analysts and ex-intelligence servicemen say the mighty godfather general Zia-ul-haq was behind the making of his godchild Altaf Hussain to counter MRD and Jeay Sindh Tahreek in Sindh.

But things never remain same for all the time so after the demise of general Zia-ul-haq, Altaf Hussain got some freedom and established his own kind of establishment consisting intelligence and militant wings, sectors, units and the recruiters like zimedaran who were made to operate under a command and control of different committees responsible to one single entity Altaf Bhai.

This herculean godchild was always in giggles holding snakes in his hands for his opponents and enemies. He crushed any of the head who arose to challenge his monstrous world but gradually he become oblivion and went on forgetting that he was dipped into the river of establishment by general Zia-ul-haq holding him from heel, fateful one, the Achilles’ heel.

It is said after getting their job done this brainchild of general zia-ul-haq was abandoned by establishment and he was picked up and adopted by international godfathers offering him lollypop of ‘promised land’, “Jinnah Pur’ or Mohajir province”

International godfathers have their own agendas and plans for south Asia, especially and specifically for India and Pakistan.

This international establishment needs kings and Queens, knights and bishops, rooks and pawns for their playing field and master plan.

People say the author of ‘Philosophy of love’ once saw a dream of becoming a father of nation of muslim migrants from India to Pakistan. So for this aim he chose to become a pawn for his international masters for a loath of land promising his name to be among fathers of nation.

So far this author has been succeeded in getting a name plaque:

 ‘Altaf Hussain University’ in Hyderabad Sindh.

NOW this has become a story of past perfect tense that who supports who and what is what in case of MQM. 

The half and full blown operation against the militant wing of MQM was no more a wishful thinking of establishment but a need of time to call the MQM to account. 

In the recent years MQM was in worst of its crisis and every other day was an uphill task for its party workers to defend their supremo’s words and verdicts hurled through media.

This was first time in the history of MQM that party’s loyals felt compelled to say:

 “We want destination not the leader” 

Seems after the bulk of apologies by Mr. Hussain it was difficult for  establishment to decide which apology of Altaf Hussain should let be gone.

Finally the company ditched him after the many years of service.

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