Monthly Archives: September 2016

“Not a Hollywood but Syria. .!”

​How miserable are the streets of Syria,

In our part of the world we pronounce it SHAM,

Means evening, “Sham e Ghariban” the evening of desolation, 

It’s not a cinema hall, 

Not a scene of Hollywood war or horror movie, 

Not the sound waves of dolby stereo, 

Which strikes at your ears, 

But Syria can provide you all,

The real scenes. …..!

Real scenes of horror and war, 

Real scenes of noisy, panicky ambulance’s siren, 

Honking horns of taxis at borders to cross,

Yells and wails of depressed and departed souls, 

A sequence of scenes……distinct narrative, 

So these are not the scenes of Hollywood horror movie……but the real scenes of Syria, 

Streets of desolation…. corpses and haunting nightmares, 

Scenes of crumbling walls….broken window glasses, 

Pools of blood and pieces of flesh in every corner….streets of Syria….!

You want to eat, no foods,

You want to drink, no water, 

You want to weep, no tears, 

How distant they are….?

The words of “Humanitarian assistance and aid”

Refugees crisis…..truce and civil war, 

We are here to help Syria – Russia 

We are here to protect Syrians – America

True and false, 

Game of true and false, 

They are the contractors of big companies, 

Industries of weaponry, 

The best and loyal contractors. …so loyal like a faithful dog, 

Contractors for gun lobbyists, 

Contractors – license to kill, 

Killing reptiles, crawling, climbers and all insects of all kinds, 

Then contracts of dumping bodies, 

Destroying buildings, 

Damaging roads and devastating POPULATIONS. …!

Our Best and Loyal Contractors…..Russia and America. ….!

They don’t take a penny to protect and help you !