{{…….Shikarpur and Smita Patil…….}}

I don’t remember what was the year, may be 1984 or 1985, but a journey by train from Radhan Station to Shikarpur (Sindh) was very strange and eerie, a lengthy travelling undeniably, lengthy tracks, railway crossings, signals and brief stops at every station and the noises of hawkers, finally Shikarpur.

Days were of chilly winter, Shikarpur being near to Quetta was all cold and frosty in the morning, freezing weather. The place was a nursing quarter of Tara Chand Hospital, a beautiful edifice itself where my cousin was a staff nurse, 4 roomed quarter house was a place of accommodation for all partners from other towns of Sindh. They were studying and working there. Two gentle guys were like our official guides wherever we like to go, visit, buy things and take a round to station in the evening, they were our best companions.

Those were the days of VCR, big black cassettes and a TV set. Taking all these things on rent was a great luxury and romance to enjoy the Hindi movies in those days. One day those friends arranged a TV and VCR to watch movies and it was there I watched “Shakti” a Hindi movie starring Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachan and Smita Patil, we often used to pronounce her name like Sameeta Patail, what a naive of spelling names by reading filmy posters in Urdu.

I don’t remember exactly whether I had seen Smita Patil’s other pictures before or later to that movie. I can remember the ‘Aaj Rapat Gayu To Humey Na Bhulayo’ ‘Hum Ne Sanam Ko Khat’ ‘Dikhae Diye Yu’ and other memorable songs picturized on her.

What an age it was, every heroine was my heroine, a dream world of lover and fantasy of infatuated adolescent. I being a romantic soul was in love with her as well. Her acting, her songs, her attractive saucy looks and glances were all to romanticize the bygone heroine.

Today when I read ‘Star power’ a review on a book on Smita Patil by Maumun Adil in Sunday dawn newspaper it brought me back to the memories of past, Shikarpur…..railway tracks….Smita Patil and love for her like I have had for every heroine J


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