The Problem of Kashmir

Kashmir remains a nuclear flashpoint…bilateral efforts have been failed for 70 years….international community intercedes forcefully and promote a peaceful solution the Kashmir dispute…so son so, on, writes the Munir Akram veteran columnist and an authority on foreign affairs in Sunday Dawn Newspaper.

My point is who will come and help to resolve this issue?

USA          Still number one country and most powerful when it comes to veto, decide, who to help against whom, who to make and who to break and who to mend is no more a friend of Pakistan and realistically it never been ever a friend to Pakistan . A country which lives by interests, so called national interest, it has only one principal what pleases America and what displeases it more, she sees who are on the side of pleasing America.

So America is tilted to India this time and India is flanked by America to enhance and establish its political, economic and strategic interests to its neighbors and generally in South Asia and stand upright in front of rising China.

Will it come to resolve Kashmir Problem??

Russia            The country is not so powerful the way America is, but still it blockades, hurdles, and stops America from doing what Russia wants to undo, Russia is dragging cleverly USA to old cold war again rhetorically and by poking the Europe with close ties with America and is big player in middle eastern war theatre, has good relationships with Arab countries. Russia also has geo-political interests in Arab world, oily, wealthy and rich gulf region is windfall to Russia as well as they are for USA. Pakistan has played against Russia in Afghan war and recently the ice is melting between two countries, but the shrewd and cunning Putin administration is far away to back Kashmir issue in favor of Kashmiris or Pakistan.

So who will come to solve this old issue?

China        The philosophical, contemplative and launch fierce offensive against enemies when needed otherwise go steady like turtle has been the strategy of Ancient China. China is pretty clever and is on the way of founding and establishing its economic, political and strategic relations in South Asian region and making its presence peacefully in European orbit and try to avoid confrontational fight with USA and others. China thinks it wise that more you are economically sound more you would be able to defend and safeguard your interest in the field of geo-politics and at battle ground too. Though we have a cliché about China being ‘time-tested friend’ of Pakistan and in recent times it has invested billions of dollars in CPEC –led development projects and is heading to other south Asian countries with purpose of drawing them near to china periphery, boosting their emerging economies and consolidating its own position in the region. China like other countries is well aware of  Pakistan’s two parallel government setups, one a political setup and other one of establishment and both the parallel setups have always been at odds with each other in key foreign affair matters, as the establishment in the days of Musharraf was far away from the Kashmir issue and had put it in the cold storage, but the present establishment  seems to be pro-Kashmir, so once the Pakistan has the same value and importance regarding Kashmir issue by all state institutions, less possible  China would come and  play a role in Kashmir issue. China would support Pakistan somehow diplomatically but would never be the part of conflagration anytime.

So the Kashmir imbroglio needs a deep study and clear strategy based on ground realities.


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