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​“Refugees and the attitude of Twittya”  

We have left behind the 2016; almost 16 years have been passed of 21st century, still more wars, more bloodshed, more violence, more crisis, more poverty, more cruelty, more corruption, more criminalization, more loot more plunder.

What the past year left for us having all these vices was the phenomenal crisis of refugees behind the ancient exoduses recorded in history. How wars create havoc…!!
By and large all exoduses are linked to religious hegemony and all manmade, very few natural. Homelessness, displacements, slavery and makeshift settlements for mass migration of human beings, this is 21st century.
It is estimated that only the refugees of Syrian civil war surrounded between 50, 00000 to 60, 00000 in recent human history and most of them received by European countries rather than Muslim ones. At macro level a muslim is enemy of another muslim, and at micro level we distribute this blame down to imperialists, colonial powers, Europeans, Americans and then, there are ours too, Sunnis and Shiites and hundreds of sects, sub sects, camps and wings, box within a box, Pandora’s Box.
Americans came for Afghans we got Afghan refugee crisis and Russians went for Syria, Syrian crisis. When bulls fight bushes have to be trampled and crushed. What wars leave for us with the entire thinkable and the unthinkable crisis, vicious cycles?
Vicious cycles of xenophobia, hatred, self-created patriotism and racial intolerance against refugees.
It is no wonder Pakistan hosts around three million Afghan refugees and there is no less number of hosts at social media sites who are xenophobic, hatemongers, so-called patriot who all belong to self proclaimed Baghariat Brigade, they don’t waste a moment to malign the Afghan refugees from time to time and no less worse is our government which extends date from date for refugee to stay or leave? In such dilemma those are the refugees who go through all the trials and tribulations of worst of kind one can possibly think of.
What brought the Sunday (January 15, 2017) Dawn Newspaper to its front page, “KP prosecution data gives lie to claims against Afghan Refugees”
The story revealed that between the 2014 to 2016, total 11,685 cases were registered and out of these only 134 involved Afghan refugees, the cases involved 23,007 accused, of which only 300 were Afghan refugees. Now one wonders who tops at crimes. Pakistanis or Afghan refugees?
I very passionately request all those Twittya who uses Twittistan for their Baghariat Brigade must read this story and wash their minds off and should know Pakistan is responsible country which abides and respects the international law simultaneously; Afghan refugees are living here under the UNHCR’s mandate.
It is also obligatory for a responsible state to protect the rights of refugees and pay a respectful way for the repatriation of refugees.