I saw a dream

At the uppermost ranks of Paradise

Seated Blacks and were contended

Not a richest of the richest in this world

Was of equal bounty and could be contested

They are the rulers in celestial kingdom


Reclining on bolsters they said

We born as slaves and died slaves

Utilized, used and exploited

Our white masters possessed

Right to kick, kill, drill and drag

We were the loathsome pieces of meat

Food and fodder for animals


What a wrath brings a color to a race

We blacks sons of Adam and Eve

Don’t despise the whites


We regret oh our brethren the fate awaiting you

We the blacks forgive you all the atrocities

You left on the face of humanity


You know we are blacks and slaves

We are not to decide what to reattribute and reward

But our Master, our Lord, the Lord of the universe would decide

The “Perpetual Punishment” and “The Bottomless Perdition”


We understood this in the life

And you in the life hereafter..!


(Raza Gulab Soomro)







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